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sawine 81ms 53349
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24/7 - Dedicated - Since 09/2010 ! - 1000 Slots - SMP - PVP - 9000+ Members - Events - Multiple worlds - 99% Grief free - Region protection - Nice community - Nice plugins - Always upgrading - Active website and forum - And much more.

Minetown is one of the oldest and most established minecraft servers in the industry. It was founded in September 2010, just a month after SMP was released. Our server is older than most popular/top ranked servers and has always been recognized as one of the best. Our staff is mature, experienced, active and works countless hours for the good of the server and its improvement. The server is always actively updated and improved. Our uptime is over 99.5%, the server is never offline. Minetown has an amazing community with a ton of stories and memories built together. It counts more than 9000 members and it keeps growing everyday. Our main world was created in October 2010 and has never been restarted. It is currently 11000 blocks radius. We have a great website, an active forum, world maps, a mumble server, nice and fair donation packages, an IRC channel, and much much more !re.
[WeatherManScot], [MyNameIsHailey]