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In game bonuses are available for those who VOTE for the network.

There is loads to see and do from: -

Hub – Just come, see and have a jump around the psychedelic hub before chosing your game.
Chilli – which is a survival map with grief prevention, Towny, economy and mcmmo
Factions – a brand new 1.7.4 map, come and get started and use the in game voting bonuses to raid other factions.
Vanilla – a 1.7.4 map come and see how good you are at REAL minecraft.
Creative - plots that you can go wild on - and you never know we might just use it on our network.
Mini-Games – we have our own two mini-games that you can see no-where else – Bulldog and Goldrush, with other games such as Survival games, Skywars, Teamfortress II, a plaza full of Parkour maps, Paintball, One in the Chamber.

Friendly administrators and moderators, we have a good little community going and we are always welcoming new players.

Don't forget to vote to collect tokens they can be redeemed for in-game bonuses across the network.

Our server is located in Germany but is operated by UK, US and Australian Staff.