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Welcome to SurvivalMiners, We're a faction based pvp server. Anyone is allowed to play on this,
there is no whitelist. We have friendly staff, that will stop all problems to do with the
server that are hack related and could cause the server damage. And also willing to answer your questions.

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[1] No griefing.
[2] Respect other players.
[3] Respect all staff.
[4] No spamming the chat.
[5] Respect the buildings of others.
[6] No advertising other servers.
[7] Always ask to get your creations protected.
[8] Do not steal.
[9] No X-ray mods or X-ray texture packs.

Faction Commands:

This is a guide for when you join the server on the basic faction commands.
- Type the command /f help - ingame command that gives you help with the faction commands.
- Creating a Faction - Type the command /f create [Name of Faction you want].
- Claiming Land for your faction - Type the command /f claim - if you want to claim alot of
land you can use the command /f autoclaim.
- To join a faction type the command /f join [Faction Name] - sometimes the faction will
require an invite.
- To invite someone to your faction type the command /f invite [player name].
- To leave a faction type the command /f leave.
- To see the different factions on the server type the command /f list.
- To see who is in your faction or another faction type the command /f show [faction name]

Main Staff :

[Host] iPhoneJailbreak

[Co-host] thehostler0

[Head-admin] sandwicherx2

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