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IP: Mc.Dancraft.Net

About DanCraft
DanCraft is a PvP, minigames and economy server! We offer the funnest and most original server out there! Our economy is driven by the players themselves through our unique auctions and trading system. Our PvP has teams to grant the best experience, we have no Towny or Factions to allow the true element of raiding. We also have many minigames such as Hunger Games and MobArena which are two of the most popular minigames out there!

Our Plugins:
At DanCraft, we have a variety of different game enhancing plugins which will ensure you experience at Dancraft is the best you could ever have!
McMMO - McMMO allows players to have skills and perform abilites. Skills consists of both combat and non-combat activities and will reward you when you level up with many benefits.
Teams - Teams allows players to create teams and truces. This increases the brilliance of the PvP aspect of the game and helps bring the community together.
AntiCheat - AntiCheat prevents players from cheating! Without this plugin, the server would most likely fall to ruin.
MobArena Hunger Games - These two excellent minigames are very fun and have great rewards!