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P-Wing - RPG Survival Events


RolePlaying Server
Your journey begins now , Hero. Explore Magus City to find Merlin and help him conquer Evil. Or join the dark forces of the Skeleton King armies and rise above all those who oppose you! You're destiny awaits!

Crazy Awesome Events -
- Posted Image Spleef
- Posted Image MobArena
- Capture The Flag (Warsong Gulch Theme)
- Armageddon (Guns Grenades Death Match)
- Hunger Games (Desert Theme)
- Rewards for winners / sometimes losers too!
- Posted Image Dungeons
- Theme Park
- Treasure Hunts
- All Free to play!!!
- n More!

Staff -
- Friendly and Mature
- Helpful

- Free build
- Towny
- Survival
- Magical spells when ranked up
- Dungeons
- Easy switching between worlds

- Dungeons
- Free Build outside of spawn area
- Easy switching between worlds (all in 1 warp!)
- Keep player heads upon pvp kill! Trophies!

Magical Spells

- upon rank ups gain access to spells like Posted Image fireball, firenova, lightning
- spend in game money (p-feathers) to rank up!
- leap, mark, recall, farm Posted Image , /jump, /repair

Donation Rewards -

- Many Donation rewards including baby pets
- Disguises
- Magical spells
- Flying abilities
- Magic Carpet Flying
- Repairing armor more

** **
[thecreepys], [xPANDAxBOOx], [spachi], [Redned], [AngusIsAGinger]