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MakeMyDay is a minecraft server with Avatar The last Airbender theme! Bend your element. MakeMyDay is a pure PVP survival server with factions installed so you can create a clan and start war against other clans or ally them!

This server is hosted on a linux operation system (linux is the best operation system when we talk hostin a minecraft server) with 100Mb internet with a strong machine So there is no annoying lags. MakeMyDay is currently a pretty new server with a growing community! We do only have one rule: No hacking, with other words no mods that give you an advantage over other players. This is a pure PvP server! And with bending, it takes PvP to a whole new level!

Bending info below:
Choose your element and master it, choose by, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Like in the (Avatar the last airbender series)
Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth
Donate: VIP or VIP on our website and get 2/3 elements 500/1000 Lvls protected area, /nick <name> Change your display name! Bloodbending, have acces to most powerful ability by all bending!
If your looking for a PvP server that contains lots of fun, look no further!
JOIN our growing community today!