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We are a seasoned Minecraft community with a focus on fun and balanced gameplay. A wide range of custom mods and plugins is there to give you an exclusive experience which is fair, challenging and unique.

- Economy (Collect in-game money)
- GriefPrevention (Claim your land to protect it)
- Skills System (level up your skills and compete with other players)
- Home System (set home locations to teleport to)
- Chest Shop System (setup chests selling items for you, along with auctions)
- MobArena (fight waves of enemies with your friends to win awesome prizes)
- PokéMob (capture creatures in eggs)

On Winthier, we focus on legit gameplay with an even balance. No one gets overpowered advantages by donating or voting. Our focus is to provide a fair challenge to everyone. One important aspect is our economy system. We have a market for people to open their own shops as well as an auctioning system. Both stimulate trade and make sure that your endeavors will always be rewarding. The unique Skills system of Winthier makes sure that you never get bored by leveling up different unique skills and competing with your fellow players. Each skill unlocks passive perks that help you mastering the world of Winthier and also allow you to cast powerful spells.

To protect you and your builds from harm, we have many safeguards in place. One is a claims system which allows you to easily protect your areas so nobody but you and the people you trust can make any changes to them. Player vs. player combat on the other hand will only be enabled by mutual agreement, signaled to the plugin by punching another player. With these and many other protective measures, especially our very active staff, you can consider yourself safe from griefers, cheaters and other nuisances.

We have powerful hardware which allow us to host an established community with a wide range from casual gamers to dedicated Minecrafters on several additional servers. In addition to the mainserver, you are encouraged to also check out the Creative and UHC servers that are at your disposal in the Winthier Network.

Rules: No griefing; no stealing; no cheating; no offensive behavior