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17250 N/A 16.35% 837 1272
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brunyman 999ms 6641
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Tekkit Modpack:
➣ Galacticraft
➣ Buildcraft
➣ MineFactory Reloaded
➣ Modular Powersuits
➣ Thermal Expansion
➣ Mystcraft
➣ Thermal Expansion
➣ Applied Energistics
➣ Dimensional Doors
And a lot of smaller mods,

Server Info:
> Server hosted in DataCenter on a Dedicated Server in USA.
> Online 24/7.
> MyTown Mod for land protection.
> Economy, Server shops, Players Market, Rewards.
> Clans, PvP.
> Live Maps.

Restricted items list:

We run multiple servers, for details visit our website. All our servers are hosted on dedicated servers in data centers and they are online 24/7.