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Key Features:
- Friendly, helpful Community.
- Responsible and fully trained Staff.
- Towny, Minigame, and Creative worlds.
- Community events.

About Us

The Legend Continues has been around since January of 2013. We are fairly laid-back, and focus on creating a fun and low-key atmosphere. We are still a fairly small community, but we always welcome new faces.

We are first and foremost a semi-vanilla survival server. In addition to our survival world (which includes Towny and limited PvP), we have a creative world open to all of our players. We also have minigames such as paintball and mob arena, as well as a quest system and a number of small games around our spawn area (such as a fishing hole, casino, and mob pit.).

Many of our staff members have 6 years of experience running Minecraft servers in various capacities (including both of our owners and several of our admins, mods, and engineers), but we also have many staff members who are new to the role and help to bring a fresh perspective.

We hope to see you online soon. If you have questions about our server, please ask. We also welcome any suggestions you may have for us.

Main Server Rules:
- Be Smart, Be Nice, Be Respectful, Be Mature
- Dont Grief or Steal
- Dont Use Hacks or Exploits
- Dont Spam or Harass Players

You can also find us on...
Twitter: @TheLegendC
Facebook: @TLCMinecraft
PMC: TheLegendC (user), The Legend Continues (server)
Discord: Open to All Members

We want to help you create your own Legend as you join ours! So come play and have some fun at!