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All friends of the good old PvP will be amazed. Based on the classical Cops-vs- Robbers –System the focus is on the player vs. player fights, with the help of some modern weapons.
On one side there are the criminals, normal user which rob shops in order to maximize their own wealth and on the other side there is the police, which is well equipped to hunt them down.
You can fight alone or get together in groups and become part of the organized crime.
This carnage is framed by a lovely designed and detailed map.

Here’s what we can offer you:
* A smart PvP-System, with countless modern weapons, like machine-guns, laser-guns or rocketlaunchers.
* Suitable to this we have a homemade resourcepack, which is as contemporary as possible.
* A simple economic system with many possibilities to earn money, like the honest work in the mine or the dishonest work on the street like robbing shops
* Many investment opportunities like better weapons, bigger residential space up to your own villa.
* A protected world, because of the homemade plugin ‘KrimBuy’, where no user can grief your appartments.
* A lovely designed city with unique districts and buildings, such as a very good infrastructure.
* The possibility to get together in factions and roam together the streets.
* The unique international community and a dedicated Team.
* Self-made plugins, which are easy to understand.
* Protection against griefer and other evil persons because of Glizer and Logblock.
* No purchasable ranks and annoying advertisements.
* A website, a forum and a TeamSpeak3-Server
* German- and English-speaking server

Are you interested? Then come to our server:

You are more interested in building? Then come to our Creative-Server:
You like playing with many mods? Then visit our Brautec-Server:

We are looking forward to see you. ;)