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About us

Welcome to Cloudsdale Gaming, the place to play for bronies and pegasisters alike! We began nearly four years ago from the ashes of Pon3 Gaming and have really grown over the years! And right now, we’re looking for even more people to come and join in the fun. This means you!

We are currently running CraftBukkit 1.10.2 on a custom, built-to-scale 10,000x10,000 block map of Equestria. From the fields of Ponyville to the mountains of Canterlot and the deserts of Appleoosa and Dodge Junction, we’ve got it all!

Unlike most brony servers out there, we honor the principle of “love and tolerate” in everything we do, and we accept bronies, non-bronies, and haters alike! If you’re looking for a fun server with a unique world to build and play in and a fun, relaxing community atmosphere, then come check us out today!

So what’s the server name?

The server name is You’ll need to be running Minecraft 1.10 or 1.10.2. We’re not whitelisted, so call up all your friends!

Do you guys have a website?

Sure do! Go to and you can sign up for our community forums as well as receive updates on things going on ingame such as events.

What plugins are you running?

Currently, we’re running Essentials, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsAntiBuild, EssentialsGeoIP, Essentials, EssentialsXMPP, Hawkeye, Citizens, Mobcash, WorldGuard, GenderPluginPlus, GroupManager, iConomy_Recreation, CustomItemsAPI, NameHandler, PvPToggle, Votifier, MultiverseCore, BlockDisguise, Citizens, MarriageMaster, and ChestShop just to name a few!

Alongside these time-tested plugins, we also have our own custom designed plugins made by the talented Bexxkie.

With the BkClassPack, you can play as many of the races of Equestria such as Earth ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns, and Changelings, just to name a few! Each race comes with their own special powers and perks, so you can choose a race that suits your playstyle.

And with the BkProtect pack, you’ll never have to worry about coming back online only to find that you’ve been robbed blind. Keep your homes and items safe with this beaut!

What’s the rules?

1. Don’t grief. The first offense results in a week long temporary ban. The second offense will result in a permanent ban! If you need something moved or torn down, please consult a mod or admin, or the owner of the building/object first!

2. Don’t build anything offensive. We can’t be sure there aren’t any fillies or colts playing!

3. Likewise, don’t say anything offensive or spam. If you’re not sure, always contact a mod or admin! The first offense will result in a one hour mute. The second offense will result in a one day temporary ban. And the third offense will result in a permanent ban!

4. Please don’t ask for admin or mod privileges. This is earned, not asked for! If you want to help out, just participate in the server and community for at least two months and fill out an application on the website. If we like what we see, you may just be joining the staff team!

5. Likewise, don’t ask for creative mode. This is a survival server, so go out there and gather the resources or buy them. We have a store at “/warp generalstore" if you have trouble getting certain materials!

6. Please don’t use mods that give you an unfair advantage in game. Things like OptiFine or VoxelMap are okay, but no x-ray mods, god mode hacks, or fly hacks please!

7. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING! We can’t take care of problems we don’t know exist, so if you see evidence of griefing/hacking, report it.

8. On that note though, don’t call somebody out with any evidence. Let a mod know where you’re at (we can teleport to you) or take a screenshot and submit it on the forums.

9. Please don’t advertise other servers or gaming communities. This will result in a permanent ban.

10. Have fun! :D