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Stop playing on servers hosted by inexperienced children.

Stop being bossed around by abusive and corrupt staff.

Take the next step.

Come to MythCraftPvP - where you'll see a newer side of Minecraft - a side that isn't full of hacking children and immature staff. Our staff know what they're doing - and they'll deal with everyone fairly.

Donating doesn't mean you're the top player - we treat ALL players equally. We believe that being a donor has it's perks however this doesn't mean you can hack and get away with it. Just because you're a donor doesn't mean you don't have to follow the rules!


World Border at 8,000 x 8,000 Blocks: For Closer Combat
Combat Tag: No PVP Logging!
Raiding: Steal your enemies loot and blow up their base!
mcMMO: Level up 12 Different Skills!
Player/Mob Heads: Put your foes head above your fireplace!
Auctions: Auction off goods to fellow players
AdminShop: Sell/Buy Items without Auction!
TNT Obsidian Breaker
Conquest: Get Faction Power down and take over other's land!
Modified Factions Plugin: Chests,Dispensers,Furnaces are unlocked on Territory


No Spamming
No advertising
No Hacks or modded clients
No PVP Logging
Griefing is allowed!
Dont ask for a higher position

Server Specs:

1230V2 Ivy Bridge
1gbps Uplink!