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20446 MC.HYPIXEL.NET:25565 N/A 99.78% 0 100
Additional Stats
Server owner Website Ping Server views Last checked
Hypixel 1ms 17871
Last checked 1 minutes ago
Main Lobby:
Make friends and organize events with others!
Have fun with parkour challenges and maze puzzles!
Access all other lobbies from here.
Adventure Lobby:
Play Hypixel adventure maps with your friends!
Adventure map: Herobrine's Mansion
Adventure map: Wrath of the Fallen
Minigame: Wither's Challenge
Adventure map: Star Wars
Co-op Adventure map: Zombie Apocalypse
More to come!
Quakecraft Server:
Unlike our original version of Quakecraft, this version has railguns which instakill your target! Just like Instagib in Quake/Unreal Tournament
Fast-paced railgun PVP action!
Earn currency by scoring kills and round wins!
Spend currency on cool new items and railguns via the ingame Quakecraft shop!
Over 8 unique quake maps to play with one bonus map to unlock!

The Walls Server:
Fun, action-packed, team-based PVP survival!
Last team standing wins
Earn currency by scoring kills and winning matches!
Spend currency on cool new abilities, perks and items in the match!
When the walls drop, the pvp battle begins!
Paintball Warfare
Fun, team-based player vs player game!
Launch paintballs at your enemy to kill them, while you weave through obstacles and buildings in the map.
Aquire killstreaks (you don't lose these upon death!) to spend on epic abilities ingame.
Earn coins by winning matches and scoring kills, or purchase themhere!
Spend your coins on new killstreaks, hats and more cool items!
Blitz Survival Games

Unlike most regular survival/hunger games servers, this minigame is fast-paced, action-packed and fun!
Earn coins by acquiring kills and winning games, or buy themhere.
Unlock, upgrade, and pick classes to give you bonuses when you're in the game!
After five minutes in the game, the Blitz Star is hidden in one of the chests.
Find this special token and unlock the ability to use the ultra-powerful blitz abilities, of which you can unlock more of in the Blitz shop.

The TNT Games Servers
TNT Bow Spleef
TNT Wizards

And much more coming up!

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