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MirageCraft is not just a Pixelmon server, it's also a family. We at MirageCraft strive to bring this awesome mix of Minecraft and Pokémon to as many as we can, in the best of quality. We offer a multitude of features to improve the general player experience, such as:

⛏ 24/7 Server Uptime: Unless something out of hands happens, you can expect the server to never be down!

⛏ Survival Elements: Seeing as Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod, we shouldn't Forget about what makes survival a fun experience!

⛏ KeepInventory: In case of death, you won't lose the items in your inventory!

⛏ Increased Spawn Rate: At MirageCraft you can expect to be showered by Pokémon with a spawn rate 4-5 times higher than the default!

⛏ Level 10 Starter: The server provides the typical beloved starter choices with a slight level boost to facilitate the new players!

⛏ Various Events: The server has a continuous string of running events to ensure players can have new fun experiences!

⛏ Legendary Spawning: Legendaries are Pokémon desired by many, and here you can catch them!

⛏ Gyms and Elite4: Challenging NPCs that anyone can battle at any time! Get all the badges for rewards!

⛏ Friendly Staff: The staff team is carefully picked out from the most active and helpful members of the community!

⛏ Land Protection: MirageCraft provides players a way to protect what belongs to them!

⛏ Teams/Clans: An efficient way to collaborate with friends, as well as make new ones!

⛏ Sidemods: This allows players to use /wondertrade, check their pokémon's EVs and IVs, and more!

⛏ Earnable Ranks: We have ranks you can earn through hard work, winning events, or simply by just being an active contributor to the server!

⛏ Donation Ranks Perks: Similar to other servers, we need funds to run the server. Anyone who supports the server through donations will be properly rewarded for their kindness and generosity!

⛏ Point System: The server has an earnable point system where 1 Mirage Point is equivalent to 1 dollar at our store! These can be obtained through winning events!

⛏ Great community: Be welcomed by the warmest community you'll find.

⛏ Toggle-able PvP: Players can enjoy PvP, but it's toggled OFF per player by default.

⛏ Random Teleport and Warps: Players are capable of teleporting to a variety of places to go exploring!
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