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We are a new server featuring PVP/Raiding/Factions. We are offering more to come and a future website if the server deems Popular with the public. Drop Parties if a lot of players are on! :DD Great Staff!

About Us:
We are three school friends inspired to run a server and we three enjoy PVP/Raid/Factions/Minigames/More and just Minecraft in General. Come join us! (: We may also be looking for staff in the future and add a hub with minigames. I intend to donate money towards our server to get a teamspeak for it and a website for you guys (:

Contact us at: [email protected]
Messege me in game if you ever want to skype (:

More: We have adminshops and are addin more just suggest! Tell your friends about the server and you may be rewarded.

Additional Details

We are a new server looking for a great start and new players and maybe some new staff! We are a raiding/pvp/faction server with new minigames on the way! (:
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