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Minecraft Murder is a custom coded Minigame for Minecraft, inspired by Garry's Mod Murder.

You are either the Murderer or an Innocent.
When the game starts, one player will be the Murderer and one player will have the gun. No one knows who the murderer is or who has the gun.

== The Innocent ==
As an innocent, your goal is to find and kill the murderer. If the murderer dies, the innocent win. One lucky innocent spawns with a gun, and the other innocent may collect 5 scrap to craft a gun of their own.
The gun is the only weapon of the innocent, the only thing that can kill the murderer. It's a one-hit-kill and will take out anyone standing in the path of it's bullets -- you must be careful not to shoot your fellow innocents, however!

== The Murderer ==
As the murderer, your goal is to kill all the innocent. If you die, they win. Using your knife and your tools, you must kill everyone. Your most valuable tools are stealth and deception; raw strength is rarely enough!