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Looking for a server to call home? Why don’t you check out HeartillyCraft?

HeartillyCraft was made for players who enjoy building in survival. We are normal PvE server with the optional “PvPyramid” where players may fight in the arena for fun (no item or exp loss.) We have setup our server in a way that players are able to claim their own land and slowly build their empire, or simply leave their mark on the world. HeartillyCraft has a few useful tools/commands that allows players to visit with one another efficiently (such as the /tpa command), build pesky roofs (iFly command) and go back and forth from place to place in our large work with the optional use of /SetHome. HeartillyCraft was made to be convenient, but also include some struggles, such as loss of money and exp upon death (use the bankers!) While players may set homes, they will not have fast access to warps. They must occasionally travel by foot to visit places such as the Player Shops, HeartillyMart and/or the Black Market. Players are encouraged to participate in skin contests, build contests and join one another in Discord for a good time. Our GM staff is dedicated to helping you with any questions you might have, too! And they’ll help you out like they’re your friend, instead of a power hungry, controlling admin.

So what are you waiting for? Join HeartillyCraft today!

IP: Play.HeartillyCraft.Com (we are based out of New York, USA)

Website: (vote for $1,000 per vote to use at the player shops or HeartillyMart!)

Key Commands Everyone Asks For:
/Home (Begin with three, upgrade to another every 5 Rank Levels for a max of 16)

Other Reasons to Join:
1. We are up to date!
2. HeartillyCraft will NEVER be pay to win. EVER.
3. We have simple Grief Prevention
4. Players will never be handed items just because they ask.
5. There will always be a feeling of danger when venturing out into the world.
6. We have Discord, Facebook and website that players may use/visit at anytime.
7. But the best part is, you'll ALWAYS have something to do:
8. Open a shop or business to sell your items!
9. Visit our second world called Glothlyn; an Epic Generated world!
10. Save up your exp and money at the bank!
11. Level up your McMMO skills! (Our's takes 3x as long to level for longevity and a feeling of accomplishment.)
12. Decorative skulls available at spawn for your interior and exterior decorating!
13. Build great structures that could earn a marker on the World Map as well as it's own city name coachman or waysender!
14. Chat on our Discord to make new friends and memories!

Basic Server Rules:
1. No cheating/hacking of any kind. Cheaters will be perma-banned.
2. No AFK machines or fishing bots.
3. No global discussions of: race, religion, sex or politics (make a party chat for that.)
4. Swearing IS allowed, just not excessively or when used to be derogatory. We are not too big on being the "Chat Police." Just do your best to be fun and goofy in a respectful/mature way.
5. No building on top of other players or destroying the area around a person's claim.
Protect your own things using Grief Prevention. Your things are only as protected as YOU make them.
6. All mature ages are welcome. We don't care if you're 12 or 76. Some children can be more mature than adults. So long as everyone is getting along, age does not matter to us here. Immature children (or adults) who are constant pests and cannot behave, however, WILL be banned. That is not the type of community we want to run.

If you decide to give HeartillyCraft a try, let one of the GMs know where you found us…

-Perplexing89 (Owner)

-Juvious (Owner)

-BusinessSkeleton (GM)
-HailFire859 (GM)
-Zebra__ (GM)
-BalerionDread (GM)

...and they'll give you $6,000 starting money just for trying us out!

See you all there!