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Looking for a server to call home? Join heartillyCraft!

HeartillyCraft is a PvE survival server set on hard mode with a few plugins to help make everyone’s experience more rewarding, efficient and enjoyable.

Key Commands Everyone Asks For:
/TPA - free
/RandomTP - free, 15 minute cool down
/iFly - $3.50/per second at Lvl 7
/Back - $1,000 per use
/Home - Begin with 1 and earn 1 more every 5 Lvls!

Why Join?
HeartillyCraft will NEVER be pay to win. EVER.
We have simple Grief Prevention
Players will never be handed items just because they ask.
There will always be a feeling of danger when venturing out into the world.
We have Discord, Facebook and website that players may use/visit at anytime.
Open a shop or business to sell your items!
Visit our second world called Glothlyn; an Epic Generated world!
Level up your McMMO skills!
Decorative skulls available at our Vault for interior and exterior decorating!

Basic Server Rules:
No cheats or hacks of any kind
No AFK machines
No X-Raying
Always claim your own land, chests and builds
Do not build within 500 blocks of your neighbor(s) unless granted permission
Do not discuss vulgar sexual content, religion, politics, race, gender identity and/or other controversial topics in the global chat
Do not spam any form of chat
Do not harass your fellow players
Do not attempt to kill your fellow players
Have fun!

See you all there!