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Hey y’all and welcome to Ranch n’ Craft! We are so glad you stopped by! We here at Ranch n’ Craft are a 1.12.2 horse based survival server, running a custom built plug-in on a server that’s focused on the future! Now hold your horses just a minute. We’re gettin’ to the good stuff now, so stick around!

We’re a family friendly horse based server, operated by a very friendly and knowledgeable group of folks from all over the place! We’re known around these parts for bein’ a rather hospitable group, welcomin’ the newcomers into our community. Whether lendin’ a helping hand around the barn or helping someone who’s lost find their way, we’re here for you!! There’s a darn good reason why we’re on PC Games Top 10 Minecraft Servers list for over a year now. Come on in and see what all the commotion is about!