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27977 N/A 99.3% 5 107
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Craftblock 39ms 11097
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CraftBlock is a small but friendly community and one of the best Minecraft survival servers you could play on. We have various ranks, plugins, and events to elevate your gameplay, and to give you a unique but fun experience in Minecraft.

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» Towny
Our Towny Server, which is also called CraftBlock, is a unique survival server, that offers a lot more. With over 100 plugins, 8 ranks, various ways to claim plots, own towns, nations, building kits, an economy, player shops, and more, its probably one of the best Towny servers youll ever play on.

» SkyBlock
Aero is a typical SkyBlock survival server, but with a ton of unique content that makes it fun to play on, and our communities #1 favorite server. Once you join the spawn, you have to enter one simple command and your island is created. From there, you gather resources, work on your various skills, such as mining, chopping, and farming, until your island grows until its the top island of the server.

» Vanilla
While playing on our servers with a dozen plugins is fun, sometimes you want to get away from the noise and just play Minecraft how it was designed. On Choco, you can enjoy playing only survival, without any plugins that ruins Vanilla gameplay.

» Creative
Forge (Not related to the server mod, mind you), is a simple creative plots server, thats still in beta.
Right now, you just join the server and enter /plot auto, and itll give you a very large plot to build in.

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