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Network Specific:

KingConquest Network is operated by Me, Thomas Owner/Developer.
I Work for a living and with that steady paycheck I operate this network.
I/We are going to keep this server alive for a long time yet so come join us


World Domination, done right
Our main world is Conquest, Custom Plugins,
We have an advanced yet simple to follow Market System Shop plugin
Conquer Towns/Villages for your Kingdom Pre-defined Kingdoms Kill Mobs/Players or Mine or ... for money
Outside of developed areas are a free world, Mine anywhere outside of a developed area but be safe with a rented or bought:
Room/House/Inn/Appartment/Real Estate Agency
But in the end you arrive at World Domination where you fight for your survival.

Your plan is conquest, but who will get in your way

Be Creative, Be Yourself
While we are constantly looking for builders for the network this server is dedicated for those that love creation and to play god
Browse others builds or simply build yourself
For our fans we offer the opportunity to build whatever and whenever

The World lies before you, to join or create a kingdom, thats the question
Our Towny server is the newest implementation but not our last
Develop your town, invite your friends and be the best of the best