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Bastille is the ultimate Survival, PVP, Factions classic server!
Do you have a youtube channel with a 100 subs and want to get more views and subs? Email me on [email protected] to arrange a meeting where you review our server and we post it on our website that has over 50 members and more joining every week! ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Once you join, you will have a kit and gun! From here, build your faction, invite your friends, get the best items, and attack other players. Or, just create a peaceful house, build an economy through selling at shop or trading with people or even making a shop in the wild or in our member shop! Collect money to rank up through our numerous in-game ranks and buy items and special abilities and guns as you conquer the factions world! ********************************************************************************************************************************************Tired of killing people the same old way? Now you can use guns along with MCMMO to kill people too! Guns range from rapid-fire machine-like guns, to rocket launchers which will create a massive explosion! Ofcourse, they are not overpowered and are expensive in relation to their fire power. Want more ways to kill people? We go this! With magic spells that are fair and square like combust or freeze or instant armor and more! ********************************************************************************************************************************************Best Spawn design! It's worth joining to see the hardwork put into it! ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Don't have a skin? No Problem! CHANGE YOUR SKIN with our new plugin designed for this server!
Want pets? We got them! They even attack your enemies whether its a wolf or a sheep!
Want to have a peaceful faction? Collect in game money to buy it!
Wanna raid factions? Overclaim them or just use TNTs on their land!
Wanna have fun and gain rewards in the factions world? We got Skywars, parkour and a maze designed just for this server like no other! Try them out! Want more? We will add it just tell us on forums!
Want more rewards? Try voting for our server to claim a bonus!
Our limits are endless! Just ask us and we will asspire to make the server better fit to everyone!
******************************************************************************************************************************************** If you like the server, please click the 'like' button!
********************************************************************************************************************************************MINIGAMES COMPAITABLE! We have Skywars, Parkour and are willing to add more games based on player vote!

- Factions
- Faction Chat
- Skywars
- Raiding
- Unlimited map size
- Jobs
- Skywars
- Lockette or LWC
- Server Shops
- Player shop
- FREE Ranks
- Donor Ranks
- PvP Arena
- Magic Spells
- Auctions
- Guns
- Spells and special abilities
- Drop Party
- Events
- Parkour
- Combat logging
- Money
- Trading
- Disguise
- Limited TNT

We are accepting any new ideas and features you wish to add
to our server to make your stay enjoyable.

More features are to be added soon like:

- Hunger Games
- Prison
- DayZ


WE are open to any suggestions and opinions, or if you want certain plugins, just post you ideas on our forums at

Our spawn is the biggest spawn you might have ever seen! Its about 40,000 chunks, so don't get lost and use /warp instead!
Tags: Faction, PVP, Ranks, Guns, Free, Jobs, Faction PVP