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--All builds/locations from the series
--Spells with customizable wands based from the series
--Actual Classes with hired Professors
--Potions brewing plugin
--Moving Grand Staircase
--Automated House Points based on classroom performance
--Hogwarts Houses/Sorting Quiz based on Pottermore questions
--Automatic Years System
--Quidditch with actual broom models/quaffle
--HP Themed Minigames
--Hogwarts Pets
--Hogwarts Trunks that serve as a command hub for players
--Economy (Gringott’s Banking Vaults)
--Player owned Shops
--Player owned Apartments/Estates
--VillageWorld for player owned plots
--Player elected Wizengamot
--Player elected Dark Lord
--Death Eaters/Aurors
--Triwizard Tournament
--Yule Ball
--PVP/Survival World
--Random Events Held Monthly
--Votifier to earn Free Galleons
--99.9% Server Uptime
--16GB/s DDOS Protection Node
--Custom Plugins/Textures/Music

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