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Treasure Island is a pirate themed network for all ages.
We currently offer the following gamemodes...

Survival No PvP
Economy based server with jobs, player shops, auctions and much more.

Fantasy No PvP
Slimefun based server with lucky blocks, magic loot and much more.

WaterWorld No PvP
It's like skyblock but under water! Choose an easy, normal or hard starting bubble.

AirBending PvP
Harness the power of the elements and make some crazy enchantments.

SkyBlock No PvP
Choose from 5 custom starting islands with mcMMO, craftbook and real villagers.

Pixelmon Dark

SkyGrid No PvP
Skygrid, nethergrid and endgrid worlds with quests. Makes skyblock look easy!

501x501 plot to start, builder
[Satsunami], [TheGuyWithPie25], [bran_bash], [pandagirl4877], [Dedshipper], [Taiheiyomi], [katthie230], [spankylove], [TheDoctor9397], [WittleKitten], [supersmacher], [AutumnMoon2002], [Tostibeest], [JessieBlade], [ImTheMuffinman], [EMACheung], [meatshanc], [vaheka], [tuxbux101], [DamLover], [ian_9212], [MrBarriq], [xoXLuciferXox], [narato441], [ArrowJr], [Harpur_], [FieryPanther], [FireKing07], [saty114], [GinaTheGiraffe], [KeyBoardy], [ImTheHammyman], [Trabbel], [Ferruccio88], [Alexk492], [Donna_M], [Vernon_Dursley], [Giimcrack], [Fantastrosia], [LavishKitten]