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Are you tired of going through servers that are always essentially the same?
Yet to find a really challenging survival server?

Come join us! Even though we are in Open-Beta, our server gets new features every week, most of them never before seen on any other server, thanks to custom plugins!

Project Mango aims to reinvent survival in minecraft, trying to make it reach a level of challenge close to RPGs, with classes, magic... and transportation systems! If you're tired of everything being too easy because of being able to warp anywhere whenever you want, join us, we'll be the perfect server for you.

It doesn't matter if you come to explore our custom-painted world, to try to become the champion of pvp, to build an empire or to live in the shadow, recruiting members to build a secret organization under the mountains, you'll always find something to do on Project Mango!

Our server is based on Towny, but is slowly moving away from it to make it much more interesting, and offer a lot more variety thanks to custom plugins.

We are a mature staff, with members of all ages, just waiting for you!