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Urban Creative is a new Creative server with a desire to grow. We want to inspire, teach and learn from all builders, skilled and aspiring. Through our 3 unique worlds, every builder can find themselves at home.

Our first world uses the Towny plugin, the same Towny plugin as used by many survival servers but in creative mode. This allows builders to use the marvellous terrain of regular minecraft and expand as needed to cover more area. Our second world is a flat world using the PlotSquared plugin, a more advanced version of PlotMe. PlotSquared adds features like merging plots and downloading schematics of your builds. It also allows us to create our 3rd world, another PlotSquared world this time incorporating terrain into the plots, so that you don't have to waste time building terrain.

Come join us, and lets build a fantastic server together!
[Namnlos], [OcelotPrincess]