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Quit hiding in a hole, you’re not a hobbit!? Spawner moves, build your grinder on the surface, with the rest of your buildings! We got lucky blocks when you are feeling the urge to take a chance. Don’t feel like building!? Go explore and find treasure chests in the treasure world! Angry at the world!? Take it to the Arena and slay all day! Are you in it to see who’s the biggest and baddest we got Mcmmo and Economy to track your awesomeness! Always got extra stuff? Setup shop in the trade world and sell it! Like mini games? Coming soon! Still a new server recently opened to the public come be a part of the family!

Enigmia, Mine, Trade, Treasure, Arena, mini gamescoming soon! just finished one, more to come!


No Griefing; No advertising; Be Respectful; Use Common Sense; Obey the Panda; and last but not least have fun!