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About us:
After numerous of faction server I just couldn't find the one that would mimic the feelings and the excitement when I was playing a year back.
That "perfect" server I had been playing for a long time was gone and its incredible staff and its players that always helped us with such joy were all gone, and here I am to try it make it again with you good players of minecraft. A No-Greif, PvP faction server that we will all enjoy!

Server info:
We have a dedicated IP, with plenty of RAM. Servers primary based on factions, but with no raiding currently, however PVP is allowed, but griefing is not. Its on hard mode, and pure survival at its most, with no creative mods except when the staff has to fix something in the spawn or anywhere else. Even I play in survival mode. The server is capable of running smoothing with all 46 players, and yes I intend to add more if donations come.