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Infinity Evolved Skyblock is evolving.

Come and get your islands while they're hot! This week our tiny planet orbiting the space station was discovered to host a PVP arena.

We use Kingdoms to claim land, but who needs claiming when you're perilously perched in a void world on a few blocks of dirt?

We are working on kits to earn as you rank up. Yes, as you kill mobs you get money in game to buy titles and each title comes with random perks. Some titles reset your rank to Zero. Let the player beware!

At this time, no items are banned. RQN does not start the user with the traditional Chicken Stick! You'll have to start with a regular wooden pickaxe you make yourself. It's just that much more difficult Enjoy!

To play modded Minecraft, you need to use the FTB launcher or Curse. You'll need to search for the modpack Infinity Evolved Skyblock and select version the latest version to join the server.

If you need further instructions on exactly how to download a version of modded Minecraft, please visit our website, select "Minecraft General" from the main menu and select "FTB - Infinity Skyblocks" for screen shots and a complete walkthrough to join our server.