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Have you been looking for that server? The one that makes you smile on your way home from school or work?
The one with active players, role-play, a world map, custom recipes, NPC's and more?

Well look no further, and welcome to Imperium Rising!
We are a role-play oriented Towny server set in 500 BC.

Our features include (but are not limited to):
- Map of the eastern hemisphere
- Ruins to explore and conquer
- Towns/nations that actually existed in 500 BC
- Diseases you can catch, spread, and use as biological weapons against enemy nations
- Custom crafting recipes for steel, saddles, and more!
- Added realism through thirst, extrahardmode, and more!
- Realistic ore placement
- Ships
- Siege weapons
- Trees fall over when cut
- Large Scale Wars
- Siege weapons
- Locks and Lockpicks
- Gates that open and close!
- Brewery to create wine, beer, and more!
- Bandits/Clans/etc made with NPC's
- More info on our website!