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Diggers-Dream is a fun, family-friendly network that offers players 4 different servers to play on for your enjoyment: Survival, Hardcore, Skyblock, and Minigames.

Survival offers our players a completely customized map with over 100 custom biomes and over 1000 random spawning objects for you to explore a totally unique experience!

In Hardcore Anarchy, no rules apply! You may grief and attack players as much as your vengeful heart desires. Cheats are welcome as well. This server is not for the weak!

Skyblock is a completely different experience from the rest. Stranded on a tiny island in the sky and left with limited resources, how far will you get Will you invite friends to help you on your island or compete against them to see who will get further Be sure to take advantage of the quests along the way to help you advance your island and gain some much-needed items!

Our Minigames server has been completely custom built by our exceptional Buildteam. COMING SOON!

Wanna play with a group of friends We offer you the Party and Friends plugin which allows you to connect with all your friends and see when they're online and which of our servers they're currently on.

So, come check it out! Our friendly, helpful staff are available to answer any questions and offer their assistance!