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Welcome to Minecraft Dynasties! We are a unique Minecraft survival server that allows you to choose your own destiny! Become a champion in the arena, hunt and destroy powerful foes for treasures, control vast markets, and rule your very own Dynasty!

Spawning in the massive city of Stoneacre, you realize there’s several areas to explore. You feel overwhelmed by its complexity, beauty and all it has to offer. Services such as a market, colosseum, restaurant, jail, train station and a hotel can be found while venturing away from the Town Hall you first find yourself in.

Worried that you’ll lose your money when you die? Just save it all in your very own bank account! The city has many plots players can rent to produce their own markets and build their base. Venturing out further, you enter the overworld, where players can explore and claim lands in their starting bid towards power, fame and wealth. Resource gathering while in the overworld can net you enough money to gain a foothold in this grand city. Even killing mobs can help you more than you know! Are there just bones and arrows in that skeleton? Why don’t you kill a few and see if they drop something else?

This and gathering items from the landscape in the overworld can help when you sell them to the marketplace you saw within the city, until you can buy a plot and set up your own shop!

Right now the server is set to 60 max players, but we're hoping to expand that as we analyze performance!