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Do you like blocks and stuff If yes, then that's great! Come join us here and we will give you fun... FOR FREE!!!!

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Tired of this happening to you You walk into a server and all you see are grumpy-guesses and worrywarts talking about the newest Dub-step track
that just hit the top of the charts! But all you want to do is have some adventuring, block laying, zombie killing, grand ol' time.
Well, now you can if you join this server because it is a good server, not a bad one. I guarantee it!

We have a rail system and lots of dirt! Good for building, good for strong! We have friendly people and they don't smell that bad! But that doesn't matter
because you . won't be smelling them because you will be on the server unless you are right next to them that is.

Is time just a social construct made up by the human species, to make more sense of the absurd world we live in Well, that doesn't matter because we like magnets,
goblins and the tiny umbrellas that people put in tropical drinks. If you like those things too, come on!

In all seriousness were a friendly, chill, and accepting server with awesome staff! We also have a special Discord channel to talk with other people on the server. We also just added some cool mini-games! And Yes the server is open, for some reason it says its offline.

Tags:PVE, FUN, Coke, Better, Than, Pepsi, Server, Box, Land, Chill, Art, Apples, Survival, Molecular Gastronomy, PvE, Economy, Keep, Inventory
Credit:Tuxintastic did all the work, I'm just a glorified butler-monkey.

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