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Welcome to the CraftYourTown page!

We're a new server, a towny server to be precise. You may be thinking, well.. What is towny?
Towny is similar to factions in the way that you build anything you want in a free world, however with Towny, you can protect your areas and stop the griefing/raiding.

About Voting

We offer multiple rewards for voting, such as diamonds, gold, iron, crates and even the chance to win a donator rank. Simply vote on all 4 four links on the server using /vote

We'd love for you to be joining us on the server, with the IP:

And if you're looking for the site-
[iiTsukiko], [Bawbeh], [XxViolatorxX], [ewright115], [Soviet_Borks], [Pochama999], [Yashy], [fraggle00], [NG_Db2k4], [s0m3_r4nd0m_m4n], [Wolfy6], [Wart_Farmer], [madcowkiller], [Bodycap], [endsgamer], [PlatinumHornet], [lukemango], [SkyNinja2006], [Jpsh], [Alpha_Soccer], [boxer_timmy]