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FlamingMC is a new network that recently opened. The network started as a single server, which is skyblock! The server slowly starting expanding and broadening its horizons. The server soon turned into a network , today called FlamingMC! FlamingMc consists of a friendly community a well as a Dedicated staff team. We try our best to better the server and really do appreciate constructive criticism. Many of the servers features all started from ideas from multiple users. We have many custom features on all of our servers. Allow me to introduce you to the networks servers:

and more to come!

Skyblock is where the whole server started! The main inspiration for skyblock was the fact that it was a classic game mode! Many people appreciated skyblock back in the day! On our skyblock server we have a custom schematic loaded in as everyones islands. The skyblock islands give you a head start as they already consist of a mini farm, as well as a cobblestone generator. This along with a cow named Daisey, which you should keep alive, she depends on you! Our server also has custom crates which can be redeemed by voting or buying keys in the store! We have monthly PVP events as well as drop parties, once a certain ammount of people have joined the server.

Start as a warrior and end as a Champion! This gamemode sure will bring your competetive skills into play. Wether you are skilled PVP'er or you are a noob with a OP kit, we have a place for you. Fight your enemies with your enchanted diamond armour, or build up your XP level and custom enchant your own weapon! Players start as warrior as a default rank, and need to redeem 40 kills to rank up to Veteran ! We work on a kill rankup basis. This allows all players to achieve the same ranks! Our custom PVP map comes filled with many "easter eggs" all around! From Epic hiding spots to killing players left right and centre with your OP sword. We cater for everyone.

Create your own faction and conquer the world. Not feeling like creating a faction? No problem, join someone elses faction and fight with them! Factions also has custom kits, along with an amazing spawn ! Our global ranks affects every single server on the network, including faction! Our faction does come with a twist on the other hand, as trapping is allowed on the server! Which makes our factions very competetive!

Want to know more? Come join us right now!