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- Beautiful hub to join the server to
- Cosmetics| hats, particles, gadgets, pets and more!
- Coins and chests, used to unlock cosmetics
- A friend system GUI
- Jump pads
- Statues, and a server teleporter for easy access to
all our servers.

- A-Z rankups (and more)
- Spawn PvP area
- A work area (used to repair, craft, enchant and more!)
- Plots
- Player shops

- Creative spawn where you first join (no pun intended)
- Big, 75x75 plots
- Head database (So you could put creative heads on your plot!)
- Worldedit for everyone to use
- Chairs (You could sit on stairs)

- Random teleporting
- Leveling

- Almost default Survival server
- Claiming
- Random teleporting
- and some other small things to help things run smoothly and
as default as possible

Premium ranks and more:
- More information can be found on the store -

Minigames and Skyblock
- Both being released soon.

Visit the website/forums over here

Join the server with any version between 1.8 and 1.12!