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Here at FraggleCraft we strive at continuing to be the most custom, creative, and innovative Prison Server out there. We have many unique features that only exist here on FraggleCraft.

Some of these features include: Automatic Mining (mines for you!), Infinite Prestiges, Mining Comps, Pickaxe Leveling System which gives enchants when leveling (includes custom enchants!), Gangs linked into the Server, Currency Blocks, Donor Mines that sync. These are only some of the custom features we offer here on Fraggle.

We also have all the features you know and love: Skyblock, Creative, Parkour, Lucky Chests, Player Shops, Auction House, Free World, Plots, you name it we got it! This is only the beginning of FraggleCraft and we invite you to come along on your journey and make Minecraft great again!
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