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VOTE HERE has been transfered to new owner. The server is running but looking for Admins and Mods.

Now offering in game $ for simply being online. The mines are available but not ready for standard use so for now the Cobble gens provide ores. You can easily build up your island if you've ever played a Sky block before.

For an interesting twist on Skyblock We've enabled the ocean from block 65 down to 0. Harder to fall into void though not impossible.

If you have questions on how to play people are often willing to help, just ask.

If you have Minecraft installed on your computer:

Open it and click "New Profile" on the left
Then in the "Use Version" Drop down (about half way down the screen) select 1.11.2 for the version of Minecraft
**Note the profile name at the top - possibly even change it to reflect the version 1.11.2 in some way**
Then click "Save Profile"
Make sure the selected profile on the lower left is the new 1.11.2 profile and click "Play"
Once you are at the screen with "Single Player" and "MultiPlayer" options select "Multiplayer"
In the "Play Multiplayer" screen select "Add Server"
For the "Server Name" you may enter what ever you like, works for me :)
For the "Server Address" please enter
Click "Done"
Now back on the "Play Multiplayer" Screen find the new server named as you liked and 1) double click it, 2) click the right pointing triangle in it's icon on the left, or 3) single click the banner/description and then click "Join server" (any one of those 3 possible options works for joining the server)

If you don't have minecraft installed on your computer visit and download/install it first then return here and follow the above directions.

Hope this helps