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Premier Minecraft role-playing and PVP war experience. Players can create and develop their characters in a custom dynamic world with a rich history and lore. Players can level up combat and utility skills to better their playing experience. There are a variety of things you can do in your free time in our world of Ereya, its up to you to find out and explore our world.

Plugins we use

mcMMO - Gain levels and use skills with this RPG plugin
Towny - Join a town or create your own, be peaceful or fight eachother the choice is yours
EpicWorldGenerator - Explore a truely dynamic and beautiful environment!
SlimeFun - Experience an entire modpacks worth of new content without having to download anything!
aSkyblock - If you need a break from RP/PVP you can sit back and relax in Skyblock!
And many more!!
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