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Super Fun Time is a community of players that enjoy to build, have fun, and occasionally fall in some lava by accident.
Our servers (Survival, Pixelmon, B-team, Lost Islands and others) are a great place to come around, build and grow with a community of dedicated players!

Some highlights of our servers are:
- Active staff team which helps players by protecting their builds and by guiding them
- mcMMO with custom XP rates
- An active Economy with a staff ran shop and player shops
- Custom items/blocks/machines, added with the help of the Slimefun plugin
- An active EventHost team which is constantly hosting events (board game, spleef, parkour, wipeout, grassluck and many others)
- A proprietary crate system (SteveCo)
- A Discord server linked to our servers so you can stay in touch even from your phone when you can't play Minecraft

We strive to provide an inclusive experience for all of our players, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Our servers:
[Rose0005], [Sir_Thunder_Meow], [Cats_say_MOO], [drumboy2005], [InfamousTrapper], [X_A_V_I_E_R], [HeroineX325], [Katja314], [Lady_Laqueesha], [coffeezombie13], [Poseidon11948], [sommergirl41]