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Super-Earth is a growing Minecraft community which runs on a in-game economy and town system where you can build your own Nation and become the king of it! It is one the largest and longest running Minecraft SMP servers ever!

The server has over 50 plugins installed for a better user experience and is far from vanilla but stays with the sense that you take from Super-Earth what you give back to it. Our server hardware and connection can not be beat.

____o0o____Server Information____o0o____

Server IP:

Official Topic:

All players may freely log onto our server without having to whitelist first, but when doing this your will start off as an "Outcast" and restricted access on our server such as not being able to build, not being able to speak in globally broadcasted channels, and other things that you'll need to whitelist to receive. Once you post a whitelist topic on this topic a Moderator will come every 30-60 minutes and whitelist you, that is if you follow the template provided at the end of this post. In the meantime while your Application for your promotion to Member is being processed, feel free to go through our spawn maze where you'll learn all of our server's commands, rules, and perks then you can go off and explore Super-Earth for yourself, just remember that if you need some pocket change for the journey to go ahead and vote for us!

We use Ventrilo for voice communication, this is a great place to get together and plan Town projects, get First-Class Staff Support, or just chill out and talk to some of our dedicated members! If you need to install Ventrilo you can download it here.
Ventrilo IP:
Ventrilo Port: 7645

____o0o____Server Hardware____o0o____

Dual Quad Core X5675 2600k Processors
Solid State Drive
1gbit dedicated uplink

All this power means we can easily have 500 players on our server at one time!