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Easy 3:

☠ NO Annoying Boring Signs With Rules at the Beginning!
☠ Cozy and Friendly Gameplay Atmosphere
☠ Easy to Start Right From the First Time Join
☠ Just Do "/mine" and Start Mining
☠ Clean Chat Without Swear and Spam


☠ Hunger Games Only When YOU Feel Like It
☠ Entertaining Assassin Games
☠ Hundreds of Towns With Active, Real Residents
☠ Create Your Own Town
☠ Manage Your House Protection Without Admins
☠ Protected Chests And Doors
☠ The Most Advanced Anti-griefing Security In The World
☠ Marry and Get Married
☠ Sit on Chairs


☠ Free Full Membership is For Free
☠ The More You Play the Higher Rank You Get
☠ Officially Become a Superhero, Pirate, Wizard, Redstoner, Knight, Architect, Oracle
☠ Adult and Friendly Admins
☠ PvP on|off
☠ Survival and Creative
☠ 24/7 Powerful Server
☠ Great Economy System
☠ Nether
☠ SkyLands

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