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stephen92 43ms 4444
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Hey guys, thanks for checking us out. We are a pretty big server with an ever growing communtiy.

If you guys have any questions or need any help,
please dont be afraid to post here or on our forums. We look forward to seeing you in-game!

To connect to the server, use the ip below. We are on the newest update and always will be!





We are a 24/7 dedicated server with some minor plugins to add some fun to the game. We hope you give us a shot and enjoy your adventure with us, we are a new server so you will see some nice buildings pop up here and there around spawn.

We look forward to seeing you all come on and have the time of your life, we are adult owned and operated so you can trust that this server will be here for time to come and that you will not have to deal with any lag issues.
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