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True survival, without the grief!
MinecraftOnline is a popular and well-respected international survival server. Our community is our strongest asset, and any of our playerbase will be happy to tell you why they love this server above all others. With over 35,000 unique players, our popularity speaks for itself.

Find out what marks us out from the rest:
  • No whitelist, free build - we believe you shouldn't have to jump through any hoops or beg anyone to join and start building.
  • Massive, long-established world - Freedonia is the oldest public world online. Over 20,000 visitors, averaging 900 visits per day.
  • True survival feel - no item spawning, even by moderators.
  • Strong & friendly moderator team - present at all hours to offer you help and support.
  • Zero tolerance policy to griefing - your creations are safe without the need to resort to cuboid protection.
  • Serious hardware - 32GB RAM, 8x Xeon, SSD drives, over 4TB storage, data centre hosting with 1000Mbit connection. Over 60 players online regularly with no lag.
  • Friendly community - highly social with a game-linked IRC channel.
  • Absolute free speech guaranteed - only griefing can get you banned here.
  • Custom CraftBook, and many bespoke plugins, to optimise your game experience. We only add software if it will improve the experience in keeping with the true survival ethos.

It's difficult to summarise everything that makes this server unique. For more information, explore our wiki:
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Join our IRC: #minecraftonline at

Connect now and find out for yourself!
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