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Sick of being told what to do? Then this server is the one for you. There are absolutely no rules outside of the town ( safe zone ). The wilderness is a ruthless and unforgiving place. Monsters will inflict double damage so take caution. All peasants will have to live in the wilderness at the beginning until they get their hands on 1000 game coins which can be used to purchase the next rank and a lot in the town. Until then, beware of your surroundings.

How you achieve that is up to you. Will you become a bandit, killing and murdering players who crosses your sight? Will you become a mighty hunter, striking down monsters? Or will you become a trader, gathering resources and selling it at the shopping mall in the town? The choice is yours.

Numerous mods are installed to heighten your enjoyment. Join a faction and fight for total domination of the world. Play a game of chance by purchasing tickets with game coins for the lottery. Events are hosted regularly where you can take part and win epic prizes.

This PvP server will constantly keep you on your toes. Become the most feared warrior or the richest merchant. Be the most respectable leader or the most dreaded thief. Join us now and pave your own story to the top.