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GameOn365 is a friendly and helpful community always looking for new players to join our ranks. You won't be disappointed!

Why should you play here?

-There are endless possibilities! Both creative and survival world.

-PvP or PvE. Both World PvP and a variety of battlegrounds, both custom and mainstream, including Team Fortress 2!

-We reward our donators, and all money goes to making the server better.

-We don't put up with inappropriate behavior. No hackers, griefers, spammers or haters.

-Friendly, helpful and mature staff, always willing to give a hand to those in need. Fully integrated support in game! E-mails and personal assistance available!

-We have tons of plugins for everyone to enjoy; there's a little bit of everything to do here, and we're always open to suggestions! Hope to see you out there soon!

*Please do not ask for a staff position, we'll let you know if you'r eligible :)

Stats: 32GB Ram, Quad Core Processor,